27 December 2016
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Why you should use Email Templates from ThemeForest

If you use emails to promote and market your products (or services), you already know how important it is to project a professional image. There are many crucial factors in this process, such as your headline, message and, of course, your offer.

However, there’s another aspect of email you shouldn’t overlook – using the right email template. One of your best choices in this area is email templates put out by ThemeForest, a company that’s well known for its WordPress themes.

The Value of Email Templates

Technically, you don’t need to make or find a special template to send your emails. All you have to do is type in your message and send it using your favorite email software or email service. This is because almost all email service has its own built-in templates. You just have to choose a template to use. However, that being said, you should really think about finding ways to differentiate yourself from the competition!

Most email is sent using the generic template of the email service or one provided by an autoresponder service. There’s nothing wrong with these, but there’s nothing outstanding about them either. Email marketing is so competitive, that you really need to think of ways to stand apart from the crowd.

The average recipient is not going to consciously notice an email template. He or she is, hopefully, going to focus on the message, not on the way the message is laid out. However, presentation makes a huge difference when it comes to impact. This is true whether we’re talking about a web page or an email. An attractive, interesting and professional looking template can make a subtle but important difference in the way someone reacts to an email.

Features of ThemeForest Templates

Theme Forest, known primarily for its popular WordPress themes, also offers a wide selection of email templates. Let’s look at some benefits of choosing one of their templates.

  • Wide selection

    You can browse through many pages of email templates. This allows you to zero in on the one that will work best for your purposes.

  • Responsive design

    Many ThemeForest templates are responsive, so you can be sure that your users can view your emails properly even if they are using their mobile phones or tablets. This is an important consideration, as more people are now using mobile devices than computers to read and send emails.

  • Support and updates

    When you purchase a template from Envato Market (the company behind ThemeForest), you get access to future updates as well as support. Regular support is for 6 months but you can extend this to 12 months for a small extra fee.

  • Drag & Drop editor

    One of the biggest benefits of ThemeForest templates is the convenient editor that you have access to. This makes it easy to move text, blocks and images from one place to another. You do not have to touch the underlying code when you are customizing the email template.

  • Unlimited colors

    You can customize your emails by using many different colors.

  • MailChimp compatible

    You can export your emails to MailChimp if you use this autoresponder. Many templates are also compatible with StampReady.

These are some of the benefits of using ThemeForest email templates. They are also reasonably priced, mostly around $20 only.

Best ThemeForest Email Templates

Let’s look at a few email templates which I personally like. I have used some of them in my email campaigns and thus I know they are really good templates which work well.

  • Border – Responsive Email + StampReady Builder

    Responsive email template

    This is a great email template if you use StampReady, a service that provides many helpful tools for sending out email newsletters. Aside from being StampReady compatible, this template is responsive and also compatible with MailChimp, Outlook and most other popular email applications. This template is ideal if you’re looking for a modern, professional looking way to send out newsletters.

  • Foody

    Foody email template

    This is a great template if you have a restaurant or other food related business. It’s an elegant, minimalistic template that suggests the quality and purity of the food you are selling. This template is responsive and compatible with StampReady and MailChimp.

  • Anokhi

    Professional email template

    This template lets you create high-resolution emails for any kind of business or professional purpose. It’s appropriate for e-commerce sites, marketing and PR agencies, tech companies and many more. The design is clean and contemporary. Compatible with MailChimp, StampReady and Campaign Monitor.

  • Smart Business

    StampReady builder preview

    As the name suggests, this template is great for presenting a professional image for any type of business purpose. It can be used for newsletters, providing customers services or updating customers about your latest offers. It’s a responsive template compatible with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and StampReady.

  • Eminor

    Eminor email template

    This versatile and responsive email template works with MailBuilds, a system for building a variety of your own templates. It’s also compatible with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Freshmail. All in all, there are 53 unique modules, so you’ll never run out of choices for creating the look you want.

These are just a few of the email templates you can choose from on ThemeForest. Check them out if you want to see more!

Getting the most out of ThemeForest Email Templates

ThemeForest email templates can help you take your email marketing to the next level. Using a professional template can instantly upgrade your messages from ordinary to something different and special.

In order to get the most out of these templates, you should make sure you choose the one that fits best with your business and your audience. Think about what kind of image and style you want to project with your messages. Is it casual, formal, contemporary or artistic? There are themes to fit every purpose. Naturally, you also have to focus on perfecting other aspects of email marketing, such as providing good content and choosing your topics well. But ThemeForest can definitely help you make a stronger impact with your messages.

For details, I urge you to check out ThemeForest email templates.

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