29 May 2014
Thunder Mailer
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Why you should avoid Thunder Mailer cracks and keygen

Thunder Mailer is a leading bulk email program that allows you to manage an email list and send out unlimited emails. This program is a popular alternative to autoresponders that charge monthly fees. Thunder Mailer is a Windows based software that you only have to pay for and download once.

While this program is very affordable, especially compared to the alternatives, some people are always tempted to find a solution that’s completely free. One such option is to obtain a keygen or crack for Thunder Mailer (or any type of software you might want). In this article, we’ll be exploring what keygens are and why they should not be considered as a viable alternative to purchasing software.

What are keygens or cracks?


Keygens and cracks are programs that are created to bypass these security measures used by software creators. There are various websites and services where you can find keygens or cracks.

  1. Keygen

    A keygen is a registration key generator. They are sometimes referred to as serial number generator. You probably know that when you purchase any type of software, you get a unique registration key or serial number that allows you to register the product. Once the registration key or serial number is entered and validated, it will remove any restrictions and turn the product into full version. It also allows you to receive support from the company.

  2. Cracks

    A cracked software is a piece of software that has already been unlocked, or also known as nulled software.

In some cases, you can buy these keygens or cracks, but usually you can download them for free! Why free? Allow me to explain below.

Some of these sites try to present themselves as safe and legal. The fact is, however, that keygens are a form of piracy. This is really common sense, as trying to get something for free without the product owner knowing about cannot be a legal or ethical action. Using a keygen is analogous to breaking into a home using a secretly made key or using credit card information that was stolen from an unwary victim!

Some people, however, are more concerned about getting free software than they are about following rules. The fact is, though, that there are good reasons to avoid keygens even if you’re not worried about getting caught. These can be very dangerous to your computer and are simply not worth the risk.

The dangers of keygens

When you download keygens or cracked software, you never know what you are getting. For one thing, it can be dangerous to even visit a site that deals in these products/services. If you have any kind of security software (For example Norton Internet Security, McAfee, Avast) on your computer, you will very likely get a warning when visiting such a site.

Malware blocked on Keygen sites

If you downloaded anything from these sites, there is a high possibility that it will be infected with a virus or malware. If you manage to download a cracked program, there could be bugs in the program. You will not get any kind of support, as you did not purchase the program legitimately.

Remember that when you are downloading cracks or keygens, you are dealing in black market goods. Ethical concerns aside, this takes away any of the protection you normally have when making purchases online. It’s similar to the risks you take when downloading music or other files illegally. It;s a state of “caveat emptor” – let the buyer beware. If your goal is to save money, you are better off waiting until you can afford a legal version of the program.

In some cases, sellers of keygens or cracked software might try to hide this from you. They might attempt to convince you that they are legitimate sellers offering a very good deal on the software. Here are a few clues that the seller is not selling a legal copy of the program.

  • The price is unbelievably low, even for a sale or special promotion.
  • The seller is anonymous.
  • The website does not look professional and has no security seals.
  • No refund policy or guarantee is made.
  • The software has been previously registered.

Only use a legal version of Thunder Mailer

Thunder Mailer is one program that you might find being offered by a keygen site. Since people use Thunder Mailer to manage email lists, it’s extremely important to have a secure version of this program. You wouldn’t want to use buggy or infected software for your email marketing. This could not only jeopardize your own computer, it could cause problems for your customers and destroy your credibility!

Registered version of Thunder Mailer

That’s why you should only download Thunder Mailer from our official site or from a trusted third party site such as download.com.

This is a very convenient software that provides you with many features that make email marketing easier. It’s a one-time download that normally sells for $69. You can currently buy it at a cool 20% discount, bringing the price down to only $55.20.

Over the months and years, the cost of a program like Thunder Mailer is negligible. Saving a few dollars by downloading it from a keygen or crack site puts your computer at risk and, if you’re doing business online, could damage your reputation. Is it really worth the risk?!

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