There are hundreds of email marketing software providers in the market today. So why should you buy our software? Well, there are a number of reasons why our clients choose Thunder Mailer as their preferred bulk email software. Below are some of them.

Saves Time and Effort

Thunder Mailer is a mass email marketing software. This means that the software is capable of sending hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands (depending on your SMTP Server) of your promotional messages to all your customers at the click of a button.

You can send any type of email communication e.g. newsletters, promotions, special offers, sales, announcements and notifications. How’s that for instant distribution of information while at the same time, saving time and effort?

User Friendly

Thunder Mailer is designed to be as intuitive as possible. No jargons or complicated navigation involved. Feature buttons are simple to understand and easy to locate.

You do not need to be an IT expert nor need to hire technical staff to manage this bulk email marketing software. There is also a help section should you require any assistance or clarification. And the full featured version has even more tools and an easy to use interface.


At 100 Software, we are aware that customers generally respond better when emails are personalized. Therefore, we have incorporated such features in Thunder Mailer that allow you to create personalized emails. You can easily address your recipients by their names or company name, or even another field, depending on your choice.


Email campaigns are not just about sending emails to your recipients. You would, of course, want to ensure that your recipients are interested and email addresses are valid.

Thunder Mailer has a filtering feature that allows you to filter out unwanted emails e.g. bounced emails, spams and unsubscribed recipients. Once these are removed, you will be left with the “good” emails. And by focusing on these emails. you will be able to run a more effective email campaign. No wasted resources!


We offer a very competitive price for Thunder Mailer. There is only a 1-time purchase fee and the software is yours to use. That’s right, unlike some mass email blaster in the market, there is no setup fee nor is there any monthly fee.

So regardless of how many emails you send in a month or year, your cost is limited to only the initial purchase of the software. Now, doesn’t that deliver a high return on investment? Do note that your choice of SMTP Server may result in separate charges.

Better Impression

Since you are always in contact with your customers, they will feel honored that you take the time to do so. This will then led to them having a higher impression of your business or organization. And generally, this action builds loyalty among your customers.

Allows You to Concentrate On Your Business

Thunder Mailer’s user-friendly design and 100 Software’s support, coupled with the flexibility of the software, provide you with a more organized way to develop a working relationship with your customers. You will then have the freedom to focus on your business or activities. This means that you not only are able to keep your subscribers in constant contact but also have the time to look into improving your business and increase your revenues!


The 100 Software team genuinely wants to help your business become successful. And we have the passion and expertise to do so. We do understand that different organizations have different needs and you can be assured that help is available when you need it.

You can certainly depend on us for support and guide. Just drop us a line.

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