15 September 2013
Web hosting
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Why I move from iPage to Bluehost

In this article, I’ll be writing on a separate but relevant topic from Internet marketing. And that’s web hosting. Almost all Internet marketers have websites and I am pretty sure at one point or another, you will ask or have asked the question “Which web hosting company is the best?”

Actually, the question that you should be asking is “Which web hosting company suits my requirements the best?” You see, there are thousands of web hosting providers in the world, from local to international web hosts offering free web hosting as well as premium web hosting services. There are hosting plans providing basic features to comprehensive plans and from the inexpensive shared hosting to pricey dedicated server plans.

All these web hosts have their benefits and drawbacks. So, it is essential to find one that offers you what you need at an affordable price. Doing research and comparison are important tasks.

But before I go further, I am sure some of you will be wondering how qualified I am on this subject. Allow me to explain my background. I am an Internet marketer and I have more than 8 years of experience in building websites and in the web hosting industry. I have more than 20 websites in my network. In 2009, I created a highly popular website 100Webhosting.com to share my knowledge about web hosting services.

Moving from iPage to Bluehost

Anyway, as I was saying, we should seek a web hosting provider who fits our requirements rather than finding the “best” web hosting company.

Take ThunderMailer.com for example. I have recently moved the web hosting for this website from iPage to Bluehost. The reason is not because iPage is not good enough. They are one of my recommended web hosts. However, in ThunderMailer.com’s case, I felt that my website will benefit more should I move it to Bluehost and I’ll explain why shortly.

Why not host with iPage?

iPage web hosting

iPage does have its benefits, being 100% wind powered and offering very affordable web hosting plans. In fact, iPage offers some of the lowest prices in shared hosting plans and their features are good enough for websites with basic needs. Their current promotional price is $1.99 per month for the initial term (after 77% discount from their regular $8.49 per month).

Comparatively, Bluehost’s current discounted rate is $3.95/month if you sign up through our discount link.

The other great thing about iPage is their free marketing credits. Bluehost offers new subscribers $100 Google advertising credit. iPage on the other hand, not only offers the same $100 credit for Google AdWords but also gives you $25 credit for Yahoo!/Bing sponsored search as well as another $50 credit for Facebook advertising! Some terms and conditions should be met but aren’t these awesome offers for those involved in Internet marketing?

So, why move away from iPage?

There are a few reasons why I am moving ThunderMailer.com from iPage to Bluehost.

But the main reason why I am doing so is that I have 6 different domains being hosted on my iPage shared hosting account. In layman’s terms, that’s having 6 separate websites under one single web hosting account. Yes, iPage allows unlimited addon domains in a single hosting account, where you can create unlimited additional domains on top of your primary domain. This is a great way to save money, as you do not need a new hosting account for each website.

So, if iPage allows so many fully functional domains, why am I not taking advantage of it? Good question.

You see, I am experiencing higher traffic on ThunderMailer.com for the last few weeks and I anticipate that this is going to further increase in the near future. So, in order to ensure that I have adequate resources for ThunderMailer.com as well as my other websites, I have decided to move ThunderMailer.com to a separate web host.

Don’t get me wrong, iPage is a good web host. In fact, I still have a few hosting account with them. However, just like the clichĂ© don’t put all your eggs into one basket, it is also highly recommended that we do not host all our websites on the same server. The reason’s simple. Web optimization. Not only will you be able to speed up your websites’ loading time (this will also depend on the web host), you will also free up the server’s resources. And you also ensure that not all websites are affected should any one server went down!

Why move to Bluehost?

Bluehost web hosting

First, let me introduce Bluehost a little.

Bluehost has been around since 1996 and has earned the reputation of being one of the leading shared web hosting providers around, delivering quality web hosting services and great support. In fact, Bluehost is even one of WordPress’ recommended web hosting providers.

Bluehost has recently started offering VPS and Dedicated Servers hosting providing you growth options should you need to in the future (when your website out grown shared hosting). Below are some of the reasons why I chose to move ThunderMailer.com over to Bluehost.

  • Technology and Facilities

    As mentioned, I am anticipating higher traffic for this website and thus, I need a hosting company who can offer me a high level of dependability. And Bluehost fits the bill.

    This web host’s technology is what sets them apart. If you are looking for a powerful and reliable hosting provider, Bluehost has just that to offer. They build and manage their own servers and they have 3 world-class data centers hosting millions of domains from all over the world. They are also constantly upgrading their technologies to provide users with faster and more reliable hosting.

  • SSH / Shell Access

    SSH / Shell access is a network protocol that allows secure connections between client and remote servers. Actions like logging into your server and transferring files to it can be done remotely and securely via this access.

    Why do I need SSH / Shell access for ThunderMailer.com? That’s because I want to transfer my files, log into my servers, do backups as well as install scripts, all done securely!

    Bluehost’s SSH / Shell Access can easily be enabled via the cPanel.

  • SimpleScripts

    Bluehost offers SimpleScripts free of charge. SimpleScripts is an easy to use one-click installer. You will be able to find more than 70 popular applications from blogs and content management systems to shopping carts and photo galleries. You will be able to install great applications such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Gallery and phpList with just one click of your mouse. Pretty cool, right?

  • 24/7 Support

    Bluehost provides round-the-clock technical support via email, phone and live chat. I like to be able to have access to support anytime and from anywhere. When I have an issue, I would like to have it sorted out soonest possible, preferably immediately. Bluehost’s support team is very professional and on the few occasions that I had to request for their assistance, the support staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.


In conclusion, my decision to have this website hosted at its new home at Bluehost was because of the service, the features and affordability. While the move did take some effort and time, it was not something complicated and ThunderMailer.com did not experience any downtime during the transfer and this was very important to me.

So, am I happy with Bluehost? Yes, of course I am. They live up to their reputation and they have fast speed and great support as well as being affordable.

Would I recommend Bluehost? Certainly. $3.95/month is really a very minimal amount to pay for this great hosting services.

Visit Bluehost

and find out for yourself why I recommend them!

2 responses on “Why I move from iPage to Bluehost

  1. Bill Kors says:

    I am hosting with Hostgator now… but I have heard good words about Bluehost. If I need hosting for a new site in the future, I will consider Bluehost.

  2. samad says:

    I have used bluehost shared hosting for almost one year, where I hosted 10-15 websites. They provide awesome service. Now, I have upgraded to use dedicated server to host my websites!