Your choice of which email marketing tool to use can affect the overall marketing results of your email campaigns. At Thunder Mailer, we work hard to ensure that you have a dynamic email marketing system that would enhance your email marketing results. Have a look at some of our great features:

Creative Emails with Message Editor

Message Editor

The Message Editor is where you create and design your emails. In order to create attention-grabbing emails, you would need a Message Editor that is not only user-friendly but also has lots of easy-to-use features.

Thunder Mailer’s Message Editor has exactly that, thus allowing you to leverage on it to create impactful email messages in a matter of minutes. An email can be created in either HTML or plain text format. You will also have access to many editing tools from text color to inserting images to adjusting background color. These are very similar to those you find in Microsoft Word.

Once you have finalized an email, you have the option to save it for future re-use. Recycling emails campaigns this way saves you lots of time and effort and speed up the time taken before an email campaign can be launched.

Email List Management

Recipients Editor

With Thunder Mailer’s Recipients Editor, you now have access to plenty of recipients’ list management tools. With these tools, you can:

  • Add and store unlimited emails addresses.
  • Create numerous recipients’ list, thereby enabling you to divide your email listing based on demographics, preferences etc. This way, you can tailor your email campaigns based on the recipients’ segmentation.
  • Clean your email listings e.g. delete suspicious or bounced or duplicate emails. You can even combine one mailing list with another list.
  • Import contacts into the Repository. If you have an existing email listing elsewhere, Thunder Mailer provides you the ease of importing them into the Repository.

Various SMTP Server Options

Pre-defined SMTP server list

To send emails, you will require an SMTP Server to be integrated with Thunder Mailer. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The SMTP Server is required to relay your email i.e. it receives the emails from you and then proceeds to help you deliver them to your recipients. It acts somewhat like an Internet postman.

Thunder Mailer supports all standard SMTP servers and provides you with 2 options. One is to add the preferred SMTP server manually. This option requires you to know the SMTP server address and port number. The other method is to use Thunder Mailer’s pre-defined SMTP Server. This is a list of popular SMTP servers and includes the respective SMTP port numbers too. All you need to do is highlight a preferred SMTP server and click “Add”. As simple as that!

As some SMTP servers, especially free ones like Gmail limits the number of emails allowed to be sent out, we recommend SendGrid for those requiring higher or more flexibility in the emails frequency.


Email personalization

Thunder Mailer offers you the ability to personalize your emails. Now you can make your emails feel more special to your recipients by greeting them by their names. And you can also speed up your email creation process by inserting tags.

Take for example, should you wish to address your recipients by their name, just click on Merge Data > User Name and a tag %_USERNAME_% will automatically be inserted in that location. During delivery, this tag will be replaced with the information obtained from the database and each email will show your recipients’ user name!

Not only that, email personalization is often used as an effective way to avoid being caught by spam filters. Thus, this increases the chances of your emails being delivered to your recipients’ Inbox.

Test and Preview

Send test message

After you have created an email, you would assume that the same email that arrives at your recipients’ Inbox looks as attractive as it did when you created it. However, there are times when this is not the case. Different email clients can render your email differently.

As such, you may want to test your email by sending out that email to an address specifically entered by you. By viewing this email in different email clients can help you decide what needs to be changed to maintain the original feel and look!

Email Filtering

Email filtering

The most crucial thing about an email campaign is not so much on how well you design the email or how fast you are able to complete one campaign. Yes, these are no doubt important but there’s another area that determines how successful your campaign was. And that’s being able to filter the results.

Thunder Mailer’s Filtering feature is able to help you filter out blocked, bounced, invalid, spam, unsubscribed and missed emails. If left unmanaged, this list would grow over time and lower your success rate.

Once you have weeded out these invalid emails, you can update your recipients listing and hence, reduce such occurrence in future campaigns.

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