6 May 2014
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What subject line should you use for your emails

Sending bulk emails? How do you get a high open rate? Let me be honest with you. If you are reading this to find out how to create the perfect email subject line that guarantees you opens, then you will be in for a disappointment. I’m sorry but there is no such magic formula. In […]

18 September 2013
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How to keep your subscribers Happy and Engaged

Email marketing is still an effective way to build a loyal customer base. It is, however, getting more difficult all the time. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, there is more competition now than ever before. People are also becoming less tolerant of promotional emails. Remember, even Gmail recently introduced tabs, and […]

30 August 2013
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How will Gmail tabs affect your Email Marketing campaigns

Recently, Gmail has decided to make some changes to their users’ Inboxes by introducing tabs. If you are a Gmail user, you will notice these tabs at the top of your account, just above the email lists. The new Gmail layout Instead of sending emails into just one inbox, Gmail now automatically categorize incoming emails […]

5 January 2013
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8 Tips For a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing continues to be one of the most successful business models for online marketers. There are, however, many factors that can determine whether an email campaign succeeds wildly or falls flat. Remember that you are competing with lots of other emails to get your prospect’s attention, so you have to do everything right. The […]