8 July 2014
Thunder Mailer
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Introducing Thunder Mailer 1.2

Thunder Mailer is a leading software application for maintaining email lists and sending bulk emails. Both new and existing users will be glad to know that Thunder Mailer 1.2 has just been launched. This will be even more powerful than the previous versions and will correct a few bugs that some users might have experienced. Let’s look at some of the features and benefits of the new Thunder Mailer and how it can help you succeed with email marketing.

A brief introduction to Thunder Mailer

Since not everyone is familiar with our mass email software, let’s quickly go over some of its basic features. These, of course, will still be present in the new version. In some cases, though, the old features will have been upgraded or improved.

  1. Get started quickly

    The 3 Step Wizard gives you a quick guide on what you need to do to get started. This simplifies the tasks especially for new users who might get lost with most other email marketing software.

  2. Send unlimited emails

    Whereas with autoresonder services (such as GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp and Constant Contact) you are limited in how many emails you can send (unless you sign up for a very expensive plan), with Thunder Mailer there are no limits on how many emails you can send, or how often (provided your SMTP servers allow them).

  3. Merge data into your emails

    Improve open rates by merging data such as names, email addresses and other fields into your emails (this feature has been enhanced in the new version, will talk about this below).

  4. One-time Purchase

    Thunder Mailer is software that you download and can then use forever. There are no monthly or annual charges to worry about.

These are just a few of the benefits that make Thunder Mailer a more convenient and reasonable alternative to autoresponders and other email related service. For a more detailed discussion on the features, you can read this page and check out some screenshots.

Now let’s look at some of the features of the new version.

What’s new in Thunder Mailer 1.2

There are some key additions and improvements that you can immediately notice in Thunder Mailer 1.2. These include:

  1. Email Templates

    Email templates

    With a choice of nicely designed email templates, you can create messages that match the nature of your business. This will help to make your messages more relevant and compelling. You can either use the templates as they are or, if you are comfortable with HTML, customize them however you like.

  2. Direct Send

    Direct send emails

    This features gives you the ability to send emails even if you’re not able to connect to your SMTP server (or you prefer not to for some reasons). The direct send option will allow you to send emails using a direct connection from your computer without depending on your email provider’s (or web host or ISP) SMTP mail server.

    Anyway, please note that you should only use this feature if you have an established domain on a dedicated IP addresses with good emailing reputation. This is because spam filters are very strict these days and will very likely block or reject emails that are sent from a dynamic IP address (or a dedicated IP address without an established domain).

  3. Data Merge and Preview in Browser

    Merge data to emails

    This is a feature that’s been enhanced in the new version. It was already possible to merge data from your mailing list by inserting column tags into your emails.

    Previously, though, you could only insert a limited number of tags and you could not preview the results before sending the emails.

    You will now be able to insert any columns you want to your mailing list and preview the results before sending. When you view the Preview in Browser window, you’ll be able to scroll through emails and check data such as names, email addresses, dates and any words you want to locate. This allows you to see what your message will look like so you can make any adjustments before actually sending it.

  4. CSV Import Options

    CSV import

    Thunder Mailer’s CSV import tool has been enhanced in the new version. Among the new features includes the ability to select the delimiters on your mailing lists.

New version, even more reasons to use Thunder Mailer

The above are only some of the new features and improvements that are present in Thunder Mailer 1.2. Many smaller enhancements, improvements and bug fixes have been incorporated under the hood.

Many savvy email marketers have discovered that Thunder Mailer is the most convenient and economical way to send bulk emails and to manage their lists. With the introduction of version 1.2, there are now more reasons than ever to use this innovative software. While current users will want to upgrade, this new version is a great way to start out if you’re not currently using the software.

This is also a good time to purchase Thunder Mailer, as we are currently offering a special coupon code that allows you to save money. The coupon code that is currently valid is: HAPPY20, and it lets you save 20% on Thunder Mailer. The software normally costs $69, but with the discount this is reduced to $55.20. Considering that this is a one-time fee with no recurring charges, it would be hard to find a better deal on any type of email program!

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