8 October 2012
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AWeber pros and cons

Founded way back in the late 90s (1998 to be precise), AWeber has grown to become one of the better email marketing software available today. With more than 115,000 clients, you can be sure that they are certainly doing something right.


I’m sure you would like to know what’s so special about them. And more importantly, are they really that good. Or do they lack any features that are offered by other email marketing software such as GetResponse and MailChimp. What are the things that you can’t accomplish with AWeber?

Well, I admit I was intrigued with these questions too. Curiosity led me to look at AWeber’s features a little deeper and to compare them to other email marketing software. Below are my finding… the pros and cons of AWeber in my opinion.

AWeber Pros

First, let’s look at some of the advantages of using AWeber. There are quite a number of them, which is hardly surprising. After all, AWeber is one of the most popular email marketing software, especially among bloggers and Internet marketers.

  • Simple to create and deliver

    In general, email marketing tools are great because they provide an alternate and simplified marketing process. They kind of revolutionized the marketing industry by providing a faster yet more affordable way of communicating with customers (existing and potential).

    I mean compare traditional marketing like TV and print ads to email marketing and you will realize that email marketing offers a faster and more flexible marketing tool. The only thing is that you (and your team) would need to run the campaign yourself. Hence having an easy-to-use tool is crucial. AWeber understands this and has developed a control panel that makes navigation simple.

  • Customizability

    This is very true in AWeber’s case, where they have over 150 customizable professional templates, where you get to decide if you prefer a single or multiple-column design or whether blue color scheme is more appropriate than red.

    If you prefer to create an email template of your own, by all means, go ahead. AWeber even provides you a drag and drop interface to help you do so!

  • Easy to manage

    Features like subscribers management & tracking and segmentation are some of the benefits that you can expect from AWeber.

    You would want to view the analysis results of your email campaign in order to plan your subsequent steps as well as enhance your future campaigns. Information like which links were clicked and how much revenue was generated are pretty important in influencing business decisions.

    AWeber provides these analyses through easy to understand charts. You will be able to see what worked and what didn’t, visually!

  • Maximum delivery results

    One of the biggest concerns of email marketers is un-deliverability. In layman terms, your emails failed to deliver! You want as many of the emails to be delivered to your recipients rather than sitting in their spam folders, right?

    This is where AWeber comes in handy. Compared to many other email marketing tools (especially free ones), AWeber’s deliverability is pretty amazing. While it generally depends on a few things like the nature of your products and how you word your email subject and content, some entrepreneurs reported up to 98% success rate, which is fantastic.

    You see, AWeber proactively analyze the email campaigns for potential spam issues and thus, you are able to edit them BEFORE it becomes spam. Aweber’s servers also have very high credibility and thus helps in getting your emails through spam filters easily.

  • Support

    Being in the business for over thirteen years, AWeber has fine-tuned its customer support. Besides providing 365 day live support, there are also other ways you can learn more about AWeber’s email marketing tool. You can find answers through AWeber’s knowledge base, online seminars and video tutorials.

AWeber Cons

Now, not all email marketing users have the same requirements and budget. Therefore, there are bound to be some who find AWeber’s features inadequate or irrelevant. Some of these potential disadvantages may include the following.

  • Pricing

    There are a few other email marketing tools which are cheaper and even offering their services for free, for example MailChimp and Constant Contact. AWeber doesn’t have any free trials. Their best offer is a $1 trial for the first month. Even this is applicable for their monthly plan only and not their quarterly and yearly plans.

  • No videos

    You are unable to send videos through the emails on AWeber. Instead, you will need to upload it onto a video sharing website like YouTube or perhaps your blog and then send these links in the emails. Actually, this is not much of a problem unless there is a special reason why you insist the video to be embedded in the email.

If you are deciding to subscribe to an email marketing software package and is zeroing in on AWeber, I do hope that the above review does help in giving you a better idea of AWeber and whether it meets your needs and requirements. While they do have a few flaws, they are still among the few email marketing providers who are trustworthy to deliver. Feel free to share your opinions.

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