Welcome to Thunder Mailer Affiliate Program

Like our Thunder Mailer mass emailer and would like to introduce your friends and readers to it? Receiving high traffic to your website or blog? Why not make the best of it and earn some money?

We are now offering an amazing affiliates program. You can earn a generous 30% commission on every single sale you refer to us. So be ThunderMailer.com affiliate today and start making money the easy way!

Affiliate program

Why sign up as our affiliate?

“What’s in it for me”, you asked? As a ThunderMailer.com ffiliate, you get lots of benefits. Check out some of them here:

  • Our affiliate program is offered through the Avangate Affiliate Network. So, there’s no hassle related to invoicing or payments from customers as Avangate takes care of the ordering process, product delivery as well as customer support.
  • You get a very attractive commission of 30% for every sale you refer to us.
  • Sign-up is totally free. There are no joining fees, setup fees, or startup cost. Definitely no hidden performance targets to reach!
  • 120 days cookie tracking system through Avangate Affiliate Network. That’s 4 months during which any order placed by the user guarantees your affiliate commission.
  • You do not need to install any software on your servers or keep track of licenses.
  • No special skills are required. Only product sharing on your websites, blog, Facebook, Yahoo! Answers and even forums. In short, you can promote our product through various channels.
  • You get paid on a monthly basis. No waiting. No delay.
  • You will also receive comprehensive affiliate reports showing your performance.
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Who is the affiliate program for?

Our affiliate program is made available for all. However, for those whose websites has a higher traffic volume, will most probably be able to introduce and persuade more readers. Thus, may have a higher chance of earning more.

But for those websites with lesser traffic, do not despair. You can still partner with us and grow your website at the same time. Why “lose” out being a profitable website, right?

Is the program for website owners only?

No, we understand that there are many other ways of online marketing besides through your own websites. Our affiliate program covers other channels that you may have like newsletters or forums or through advertising traffic.

The promotional channel is entirely up to you. Just keep in mind that the more successful referrals you create, the more money you can make from the program!

When and how am I paid?

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The Avangate cookie tracking system will redirect all your referrals to your Affiliate ID and thus, easily keep track of all your commissions.

When a visitor follows a link or banner from your site, Avangate will keep track of your Affiliate ID for 120 calendar days. This means that should the user place an order within the next 4 months, the Avangate system will automatically allocate the affiliate commission to your account.

Payments will be made to you every month. The commission will be transferred to you via your Avangate Prepaid Debit MasterCard or via wire transfer, check or PayPal. Please indicate your preferred choice of payment method in your account.

By driving your readers to sign up for the Thunder Mailer program, you will not only earn a 30% commission for every sale but also help your readers find a great product. A win-win situation indeed. So, go ahead and sign-up as our affiliate if you haven’t and start earning good money on the side. Do contact us if you have any inquiries.

Join our Affiliate program today.

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