Thunder Mailer is your comprehensive email marketing solution. It incorporates all the tools that you will need in managing your email campaigns. Just imagine how that would help your organization deliver relevant information to your customers and prospects. And eventually convert them to sales.

Thunder Mailer’s powerful tools are very user-friendly and allow you to create various emails, from newsletters and promotional emails to notifications, invitations and greetings. Once that’s done, you can easily email them to subscribers, manage your subscriber lists and track your email campaigns’ performance. All through Thunder Mailer and all being done seamlessly and effortlessly.

With Thunder Mailer, you can strengthen your relationship with your current and potential customers by keeping in constant communication. Not only that, you will be able to save costs too compared to other forms of advertisement, not mention the fact that you have more control over your campaigns.

Who will benefit from Thunder Mailer

Regardless of whether you are a small and medium size business or non-profit organization or a communications service provider, a reliable email marketing application is crucial to maintain good business relationships with customers.

Thunder Mailer is specially designed for those who seek an easy and effective way to send emails to hundreds and thousands of recipients. Plus it is most affordable. Priced at only $69 (time-limited offer), it is a one-off investment cost that can catapult your business to new levels. Turn visitors into prospects and prospects into customers and see your bottom line improve.

About 100 Software

Thunder Mailer is the first application released by 100 Software, a software developer based in Malaysia. We consist of a team of experienced and dedicated developers, designers and system administrators.

We believe in long-term relationships and would go the extra mile to deliver customer satisfaction. Therefore, we had put many hours of effort into developing our software. At 100 Software, we also pride ourselves of being hands-on. We develop and manage all our software ourselves so that you can be assured of a higher quality product.

Prior to being launched, Thunder Mailer was initially distributed among close friends and fellow webmasters. Their feedbacks were subsequently used to further improve the email marketing software. Thus, an enhanced and well-tested version of Thunder Mailer was developed and now launched.

Our Vision

The Internet is rapidly changing and thus, constantly creates demands for higher quality and reliable software. It is 100 Software’s vision to design and deliver market leading software to users all around the world.

Our Mission

We do realize that this is by no means an easy feat. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, we have set certain missions that we are committed to:

  • To understand our customers
  • To maintain high quality for our products
  • To provide essential customer service
  • To abide by relevant laws and regulations
  • To protect our systems from fraud or error
  • To constantly challenge ourselves to develop better products

Meet Our Founder


CEO and Founder

Jasmine is an Internet marketer with 8 years of experience in website building. She’s passionate about web hosting and has been involved in the web hosting industry for more than 8 years. In fact, she is the co-founder of back in 2009. is a popular web hosting review site. It is a 1-stop website where visitors can source for affordable web hosting offers, read reviews of some of the best web hosts (and which to avoid) and many more articles and tutorials on web hosting.

Jasmine has always been intrigued with Internet marketing. She realized that many businesses were inadvertently losing sales because there was no proper follow-up and communication in place. That led Jasmine to a decision to embark on a project to create a reliable and easy-to-use email marketing solution. And as a result, Thunder Mailer was born.

On the days when she isn’t tapping away on her computer, she can be found enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book.