5 January 2013
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8 Tips For a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing continues to be one of the most successful business models for online marketers. There are, however, many factors that can determine whether an email campaign succeeds wildly or falls flat.

Remember that you are competing with lots of other emails to get your prospect’s attention, so you have to do everything right. The following tips will help make your email marketing a lot more profitable.

  • Be Consistent

    To be successful with email marketing, you have to stay in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis. It’s best to stick to a specific schedule, such as sending out your newsletter once every week. Some marketers prefer to send out mailings more often, such as several times per week or even daily.

    What’s important is that you don’t let long periods of time go by without sending something to your subscribers. This causes them to forget about you, and makes them less responsive when you do contact them.

  • Make Your Emails Relevant and Interesting

    People signed up for your email list for a reason. It may have been for a free gift, a coupon or to receive a certain type of information. Whatever it was, it’s up to you to deliver the kind of content that will make them want to remain subscribers.

    If you are promoting a certain product or service with your email campaign, make sure it’s related to the interests of your audience. You should also consistently provide people with valuable content that doesn’t require them to purchase anything. This is how you build trust so that people are willing to consider your offers.

  • Write Compelling Subject Lines

    The subject line plays a large role in deciding whether people open your emails or delete them. They will make a split second judgement as they go down their (probably long) list of emails in their inbox. So your subject line has to grab them right away!

    The best subject lines are short and to the point. They give the recipient a clear idea of the benefit you’re offering. If you want them to open your emails, you have to appeal to their self interest and give them a reason to do so.

  • Consider Segmenting Your Email Lists

    Rather than having one large list, it’s often better to split it up into groups. That way you can target your campaigns precisely, and send people the kind of content they want.

    A single list in a broad niche is often too general. Segmented lists allow you to specialize, so that you can be sure your audience is interested in what you’re delivering. This is a way to improve your response rate with your email campaigns.

  • Personalize Your Emails

    This is a well known principle, but many email marketers still fail to take advantage of it. You should keep your emails as personal as possible, including the recipient’s name in the greeting and possibly in the body of the message as well.

    It’s also a good policy to use your own name (even if it’s a pen name) in the “from” box rather than an impersonal sounding corporate name. This makes your emails seem like correspondence from a friend rather than a solicitation.

  • Have an Easy to Understand Call to Action

    Every email or newsletter you send out has a purpose. You may want people to click on a link that leads to a sales page, or to send them to a video or article. No matter what you want them to do, you should make it as easy as possible for them to do it.

    If it’s a short email, you can put the call to action at the end. If it’s a longer newsletter, you can put it in more than one place. That way, someone who doesn’t want to read the whole message can click on your link in the middle without having to search the whole page.

  • Keep Your Emails Professional and Error Free

    Little mistakes in emails can reduce your conversion rate and also harm your credibility. Be careful about spelling and grammar. If it’s a newsletter, check the design and make sure it displays well in major browsers and email clients.

    Be sure that any links you put into the email work properly, or your efforts will be wasted. You want to be sure that if someone clicks on your link that they will reach the right page! You can improve your emails simply by taking a couple of minutes to proofread them before sending them out.

  • Include Appealing Graphics

    Images can enhance your emails and make your messages more compelling. You should also be aware of how your emails look on the page. If you are writing long passages, break them up with short paragraphs and lists or bullet points.

    Although graphics can be effective, keep in mind that not everyone can access them with their email program or on the device they are using. That’s why you should also give subscribers the option of receiving emails in plain text format.

Email Marketing is Still Effective

Email marketing tips

Yes, email marketing is still very much effective these days, but only if you do it right!

Email marketing has the potential to provide you with an expanding base of targeted customers. The question is whether you are making the most of your email campaigns.

Getting people on your subscriber list is only the first step if you want to turn them into loyal customers. You have to build and maintain trust with every email you send out.

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