30 August 2013
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How will Gmail tabs affect your Email Marketing campaigns

Recently, Gmail has decided to make some changes to their users’ Inboxes by introducing tabs. If you are a Gmail user, you will notice these tabs at the top of your account, just above the email lists. The new Gmail layout Instead of sending emails into just one inbox, Gmail now automatically categorize incoming emails […]

24 August 2013
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MailChimp vs Thunder Mailer

Both MailChimp and Thunder Mailer provide many useful features for email marketers. Which one is better? In order to answer this question, it’s necessary to take a close look at both of them. You also have to consider your own needs and what you are most comfortable with. While MailChimp and Thunder Mailer have some […]

22 August 2013
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Why you should not purchase Email Lists

Email marketing is one of the best ways to build an online business and this has been true for a long time. The problem many new marketers have is in actually building a large, responsive list. One apparent solution to this obstacle is to purchase an email list. This can be tempting, as it can […]